Year after year, trends change and designs evolve. If we talk about changes, we talk about 2020, which marked a before and after in our lives. If you are thinking of renovating the appearance of your offices or opening a new headquarters, you will be interested to know what are the trends and design needs that will mark 2021.


One of the trends that continues to rise is that of the “open space”, companies will continue looking for open spaces where they can guarantee the distance between workers and comply with health regulations.

Glass walls

Glass walls or partitions with practically invisible profiles that allow light to pass through, but that isolate acoustically.

Multifunctional furniture

Versatile and versatile pieces that facilitate organization and cleaning.

Illumination LED lighting systems with high energy efficiency that help to find a balance between natural and artificial light, prioritizing sustainability.


Videoconference screens that facilitate non-face-to-face meetings, electrified tables that allow keeping the space free of cables, improving hygiene and space organization.


If you are thinking of renovating your office, contact us, we are sure that our implementation team will be able to help you.